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Parent Teacher Association

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Hello Parents,

Welcome to another great year at the ECC. We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to our ECC Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA is a group of volunteer parents and teachers who come together each year to focus on three main goals: fundraising, showing our appreciation for the teachers of the ECC, and building a community for the parents of kids in the ECC. We are all invested in the ECC because of our children, but many of us have found deep friendships through the parent community.

Fundraising efforts of the PTA (especially through the Pizza and Pajama days) have recently supported concerts by Gemini and Joe Riley, visits from the Creature Conservancy and Drummunity, the purchase of tablets for each classroom to support Storypark, tricycles for the playground, furniture for the house area in the older kid rooms and additions to the climbers in the toddler rooms.  This year, we hope to use funds to purchase new water play features for the playgrounds.

In addition, with your help, we’ve organized the monthly Teacher Appreciation breakfasts, supported the Teacher Appreciation Dinner at the end of the year, and promoted the Holiday Gifts program in December.

Aside from supporting the ECC, the PTA is also a great opportunity to meet other parents. The PTA meets the third Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm at the JCC and the ECC will provide free babysitting (thank you teachers!). Check the ECC Calendar for more meeting dates.

We hope that lots of Moms and Dads will join us as we think about the fun we want to plan for our kids and ourselves during the 2019-2020 school year.  If you have any questions, please contact PTA co-chairs Rebekah Gamble and Laura Pasek at [email protected].




   Three Gemini concerts throughout the school year




Photo Credit: Community Playthings

Community Playthings Cascade Water Play Center (new playground water feature)